The Market for High-Brightness LEDs in Lighting Applications - 2008

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Number of Pages: 347
Publish Date: August 2008

HB LEDs have penetrated a variety of niche lighting applications and are beginning to be used in several white light applications that could be considered as part of the general illumination market. The market for HB LEDs in lighting amounted to $325 million in 2007, or approximately 5% of the overall HB LED market. The largest application was architec­tural lighting, where the ability of LEDs to provide colors and color-changing effects was a major market driver. In spite of its small share of the overall HB LED market, lighting was one of the fastest growing segments in 2007, and the market is forecast to grow to over $1.5 billion by 2012.

To understand this dynamic market and its driving forces, Strategies Unlimited has completed a comprehensive report that looks at the demand side of high-brightness LEDs for lighting specific applications. The report includes an applications analysis, lighting industry overview, technology trends, five year market forecast, and an appendix of LED lighting manufacturers The Market for High-Brightness LEDs in Lighting Applications – 2008 is the most recent edition in a series of reports published on the LED industry by Strategies Unlimited.

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