MicroCare Corp

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595 John Downey Drive
New Britain, CT
Phone:1 (860) 827-0626
Fax:1 (860) 827-8105
MicroCare is a leader in the high-speed, high-performance world of cleaning, coating and lubricating. With a large family of precision cleaning products for industries as diverse as electronics, transportation, photonics, medical devices and aerospace, MicroCare is a catalyst for process enhancements, lowering costs and improving quality. For example, the new Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaners from MicroCare deliver perfectly clean ports, jumpers and splices every time, all the time. The innovative Sticklers™ technology out-performs old-style alcohol cleaners, and out-cleans paper, cartridge cleaners and foam swabs. The whole point of the Sticklers™ products are to eliminate expensive repair calls and costly warranty claims, boosting the reliability of fiber networks at the lowest possible cost. MicroCare is ISO 9001:2008 registered.
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