Taking Your Network to 40/100G Ethernet

With the ratification of new industry standards and increased demands on data center throughput, 40/100G Ethernet will be an integral component of the next-generation data center.

In fact, it is already an emerging influence on how organizations plan, build and operate their existing data center architectures. The market proves this: manufacturers are already responding to the increased demand for Ethernet hardware, including cabling products, switches and transceivers.

This white paper,Taking Your Network to 40/100G Ethernet, explains how data center managers can prepare for the migration to 40/100G Ethernet.

It covers:

  • Why this shift to 40 and 100G Ethernet is happening
  • The factors users need to consider when planning their layer one infrastructures
  • Best practices for migrating to 40 and 100G Ethernet
  • Next steps for data centers

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