PON and Blown Fiber: The Optimum Solution for Today’s High Gigabit Speed Enterprise Networks

As enterprise network managers, challenged like never before, seek to keep up with current and future exponential growth of data and to find the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective means to support 40Gbs/100Gbs, more and more are looking toward the passive optical network (PON) as a viable solution. This analysis addresses the many advantages of PON including the reduction of significant costs, maintenance, and energy concerns, while illustrating exactly how the PON best optimizes the enterprise network. The study also incorporates the advantages of blown fiber technology with the PON. A case is built to show that these two technologies, together, provide synergy that can generate even greater cost efficiencies and prepares the enterprise network with a real-time, on-site, immediately scalable, and already futureproofed network to quickly—often in minutes—meet the unforeseeable, but certain, changes characterized by today’s bandwidth hungry information and communications environment.

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