The 8-Fiber Solution for Today’s Data Center

Determining the right fiber count is vital for the cost and performance of today’s high-density 40/100G data center and network infrastructure applications. The 8–Fiber Ribbon Solution solves the considerable costs, optical performance, and compatibility issues of the traditional 12 fiber infrastructure. By eliminating unused fibers, unnecessary connectivity points, and conversion module hardware, the 8-Fiber Solution ultimately yields the best possible optical performance and cost savings for your data center.

In fact, the elimination of conversion modules can save hundreds of dollars per port, potentially generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings depending on your data center applications. Moreover, the 8-Fiber Solution optimizes 40G and beyond networks, while backward compatible with legacy networks (1G & 10G), creating a real-time, scalable, and already future-proofed network.

This paper is backed by compelling technical reasoning and step by step techniques to achieve the high performance, cost minimization, and fast and easy 40G/100G and beyond migration generated by the 8-Fiber Solution.

This White Paper brought to you by Sumitomo Electric Lightwave.