The Optical Fiber Ribbon Solution for the 10G to 40/100G Migration

The relentless movement and volume of data has today’s data centers of all sizes seeking how to best deploy their network infrastructure to support ever growing gigabit transmission speeds. Ultimately Fiber optic cables have become the ubiquitous transport medium in the data center network. The number and type of fibers, their long term viability, and value to the user are paramount considerations.
This in depth study addresses questions, such as “Is their enough physical space to install the fibers I need?”  “Can I install the topology needed and still provide room for future expansion and ensure adequate fiber protection?”
To address these challenges and questions, it is important to examine and consider both how and why an optical fiber ribbon cabling solution should be deployed for new 40Gbs /100Gbs installations and upgrades of existing 1Gbs/10Gbs infrastructures.  This in-depth examination is backed by compelling technical reasons and step by step techniques to achieve optimum data center installation speed, high performance, connectivity, and cost efficiencies.

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