Exploring the Benefits of Low Smoke Zero Halogen: Eco-friendly Cabling with No Performance Loss

“Green consciousness” is a trend that is being embraced globally to improve consumer and worker safety and to protect the environment. One initiative has been to remove the use of halogens from a number of products—including electrical and electronic cables.

Halogens have been a popular material in cable manufacturing because they are considered to be good fire suppressors. However, when released through burning or other chemical reactions, halogenated compounds emit toxic fumes and an opaque smoke. These can harm humans in the vicinity and can cause corrosion and other damage to sensitive and expensive industrial equipment.

Now, non-halogenated cables are available, referred to as low smoke zero halogen or LSZH cables that are just as reliable as halogenated cables, but without the risk. When designing for global markets, LSZH cables provide the same performance and reliability as other cables, plus deliver forward-thinking added benefits for safety and the environment.

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