Cabling for IP Convergence

The introduction of the Internet in the mid 1990s revolutionized the telecommunications industry. Voice, data, video, security, and building management systems that once operated as separate analog systems have now become digitally based, allowing all forms of communication traffic to converge over a common infrastructure using Internet Protocol (IP) technology. IP converged networks offer several advantages, all of which result in significant cost savings. At the same time, distributing and managing these systems over a common infrastructure means that today's networks contain more cabling than ever before, and data centers must evolve to support a multitude of missioncritical applications. The result is a need for ample and properly managed cabling pathways, strategic cabling solutions, high-density data centers, and superior reliability. This white paper covers IP convergence, its affect on network cabling, and cabling strategies and solutions aimed at supporting, managing, and leveraging these next-generation IP networks within the enterprise.