T.W.A.L. Transmission with applied Tensile Load

For use in a confined space, fiber optic cables must utilize a low macro bending sensitive fiber, supported by a well-designed strain relief boot must be used. Bend insensitive fibers allow the mathematical length of the boot to be shortened, but the boot design must be such that it can negate tensile loads on applied onto or by the cable in such a way to maintain signal integrity. Random Telcordia GR-326-Core, section T.W.A.L. is a live Insertion Loss test where varying tensile loads are applied at a series of angles, and the IL taken during the application of the loads. For example, with the connector held at 135° a 0.25kgf tensile load is applied, Insertion Loss shall not exceed 0.5dB. Unlike taking measurements before and after applying the loads at different angles, this live testing more accurately replicates in- service use to ensure signal, and therefore, service integrity.