The Green Solution for Cabling Infrastructure and the Sustainable IT Network

FutureFLEX® Air‐blown Fiber® is the most advanced fiber optic infrastructure for the enterprise network. With FutureFLEX, you can empower your IT network with a fiber optic infrastructure that is continuously renewable, recyclable, and sustainable with no end to the fiber and bandwidth life cycle.

Upgrades, expansions, network reconfigurations, or any MACs require no construction work for an environmentally clean system that saves 70‐90% in both time and labor costs.

It also provides bandwidth on demand so projects that took days, weeks or months can now be completed in only minutes or hours. Find out how FutureFLEX may impact your LEED credits and help you to achieve your vision for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

This White Paper brought to you by Sumitomo Electric Lightwave.