Overcoming Space Challenges and Reducing Costs with Small-Diameter Cable Technology

To increase the capacity of their networks, service providers are deploying more and more fiber. However, while that strategy enables them to keep pace with the demand for bandwidth, it creates another set of problems. As service providers continue to add fiber, their vertical and horizontal fiber-routing systems are filling up rapidly. That cabling congestion makes it very difficult for technicians to gain access to existing circuits and to install new ones, a situation which poses a growing risk to network reliability.

Given the limited physical space in their central offices, headends, data centers and other areas of the network, service providers need a way to slow the rate of cable pile-up and thereby ease congestion in their fiber-management systems. With the availability of new 1.2-mm microcable technology, service providers have the means to solve their space constraint and cable routing challenges, while offering the necessary flexibility and quality to realize significant labor and cost savings.

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