Telco vs. cable networks: Connectors bring cable up to snuff

The competition in Internet broadband capacity between the telco service providers like Verizon and SBC versus the cable-television service providers like Adelphia and Comcast is not news. Most people understand the tradeoffs: the telco providers offer digital subscriber line (DSL) service that delivers desirable broadband data rates up to limited distance from the central office (18,000 ft. without remotely deployed DSL area multiplexers). The cable television (CATV) providers offer cable modems with higher data rates and no distance limitation, but with lower reputable quality of service (QoS). Meanwhile, services are converging--the telco guys are adding video services to their legacy voice and DSL offerings, while the CATV folks are moving into voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) on top of their entertainment delivery model.