RFC-2544 How to measure Ethernet Quality of Service

The object of this paper is to discuss the use and testing of Ethernet services with the emphasis on the commissioning through to maintenance phases of network deployment and use. These phases are generally taken to be:
  • Commissioning
  • Acceptance testing
  • Service turn-up/hand-over
  • Network maintenance/troubleshooting
    This paper will introduce Ethernet in its various forms and discuss its increasing use as a transport protocol in telecommunications networks. It will then discuss what testing should be done, and how that testing can be carried out, in order to ensure quality of service for the end user of an Ethernet service. This paper is intended for engineers and technicians involved in the deployment and use of Ethernet services. It is also of interest to those who are familiar with SONET/SDH services and who now find themselves deploying the "new" Ethernet services.